The History

The Cantine Federiciane

The history of the Cantine Federiciane is the result of ages of work, dedication, experiences accumulated and transmitted over time.
Everything started around the 50s in the middle of the Phlegraean Fields, located in Bacoli , where the Palumbo family, native of that place, realize the dream of an elderly farmer and vine grower, the grandfather Paolo. The one that reaches his dream is his son Antonio, who is not satisfied anymore of producing and selling just the Falanghina and the Piedirosso wine in his vineyards in Bacoli. The economic boom pretends a higher offer; here the idea of recovering the ancient wine of Gragnano, the famous one mentioned in the famous Toto’s film “ Miseria e Nobilità”. This wine finds a new life thanks to the re-fermentation that in those days was made inside bottles and that gave a really sparkling taste.
Antonio, in this way, was gaining a place at the forefront.
The baton passes to his son Paolo who was able to rise again quality, bringing the company towards new goals with the new plant inaugurated in 2001. Il Gragnano, after aquired the D.O.C., will be refermented in autoclave, through instruments that will make this wine even more refined. The Falanghina and The Piedirosso are from D.O.C. origin too and now ,thanks to new technologies, are able to better express the aromas and fragrances of the volcanic earth where they belong.
Another significant date in the history of Cantine Federiciane is 2012. With this date there’s the beginning of an important milestone: all the contributors join an agricultural cooperative made up of over 50 winegrowers. Today the cooperative is still an essential part and central fulcrum of the company activity and its philosophy. 2012 is also the year in which the fourth generation joined the company: three young people with three different formations, ready to offer their contribution to the service of a company that in the meantime reached about 50 hectares of vineyard between properties and cooperative. 
Today Paolo, Pina and their three children Marco, Antonio and Luca take care of the company between different areas of responsibility, dedicating time, energy and love.
But the Palumbo’s are not alone: a group of very young and highly prepared collaborators follows with conviction the family project; together they have founded a very close and gritty team, able to get the challenge of global market with competence and constructive spirit. The extension of the vineyards throughout the Campania region, is the biggest achievement in the history of Cantine Federiciane. This job starts from the vineyards and the farmers who worked the land and pass by the technicians and oenologists who take care of the winemaking, ending with the work of our creative graphic designers and our sales network.
This is our own history and it could be summarize in three steps: TRADITION and love for the land- INNOVATION and love for the job- PASSION and CONVICTION for what we do.