The Cellar

The structure boasts of an efficient production system implemented since the 2000s by continuous investments in the technological field. This implementation is closely linked to the control of all the production steps or rather from the vinification to the bottling and it has allowed us through the years to increase the level of management and consequently the guarantee of quality, obtaining certifications and achieving further opportunities for growth in terms of both national market and international markets.
The Martinotti method and winemaking:
A first phase of the process consists of a series of pre-fermentation operations with manual grape harvesting and pellicular maceration, subsequent pressing with programmed cycles.
Processing of basic wines:
After the racking phase, the alcoholic fermentation starts with the addition of selected yeasts and nourishment, all monitored by an automatic management system.
Second fermentation:
In the Martinotti method the second fermentation takes place in an autoclave for about 6 months. For the sparkling wines of our production this further fermentation favors the maintenance of the freshness and the typical aromas of the vine.
Filtration and bottling:
The high technology in isobaric tangential pre-bottling filtration allows us to obtain a very low filterability indexes by preparing the product for the final microfiltration phase before going into the bottle.
During the bottling the two physical parameters of temperature and pressure ,constantly monitored, are revitalized by further analytical checks on samples of wine bottles through our internal laboratory used for monitoring the response to the final quality of the product.