Volcanic bubbles is the sparkling wine produced by ungrafted vines above the volcanic terrains in the middle of the Phlegraean Fields. Its production is made with a special care. We choose the most suited vineyards and from the grape treading we use the better part of must for the fermentation of the cuvée. The Flegreo is a rarity of the project “metropolitan vineyards”, viticultural heritage of the city of Naples.
The territory of Naples, among many others, has two precious peculiarities: the first is to be in second place in Europe, after Vienna, for the number of hectares destined for vineyards.
Posillipo, Agnano, Vomero and Chiaiano are the most affected areas. The second one is being, together with its province, one of the few areas in the world that, thanks to the volcanic conformation of the land, preserves the type of an ungrafted cultivation which not use the American vine as the rootstock of the variety of the cultivation. A rareness that, in recent years, is increasingly appreciated by winemakers and wine lovers, because it is able to preserve the purity of the vines and the tradition of the cultivation method.
The Flegreo is the sparkling wine produced by ungrafted vines on volcanic soil in the heart of the Phlegraean Fields. A rarity that is part of the “metropolitan vineyards” project. Heritage of Napol city vineyards.