Roccia Madre

Three hectares on the slope of the Roccamonfina crater, exposed at noon with a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Gaeta.
This vineyard was born from a project started in 2008 when started the work to prepare the soil for the planting of the vines.
From the first moment it was understood that the enterprise wouldn’t have been easy due to the presence of a great quantity of enormous boulders constituting the nature of that land.
They were all removed and placed on one side of the vineyard, creating an evocative proof of the harshness of the place and of the work done. It ended in the 2011 and “Vigna Li Paoli” was born. The vineyard with a primitive variety and led to an espalier with a plant size of 2.3 × 0.80 to allow the plants to receive all the light from the southern exposure.

In 2017 Vigna Li Paoli goes into a full production with the first crop of “Roccia Madre”, the wine rests in a 500-liter tonneau for 12 months where it refines tannins and acquires a slight hint of durmast, reaching a beautiful harmony of aromas and flavors. The graphic design is full of care.The label is the work of Silvestri, an artist who, enraptured by the places, created reminiscent work of the primordial eruptions that generated the Mother Rock.